“John, Thank you for being so efficient, thorough, and tolerant of our superstitions and sensitivities. I am sure the complicated 1031 Exchange of two relinquished for one replacement property, dealing with the private home-owners-association of our condominium, the working with the new tenet-in-common mortgage company, and the uncertainty of closing one of our previous rental property made for some teeth gnashing.

    We appreciated the calmness in you steering the transactions with the ability to read in-between the lines, always looking out for hidden traps which might befall us. I am not sure my wife told you but the agent representing the seller on that very first house she loved in the Fall of 2015 said you were one of the few agents who read everything she provided. We appreciated your diligence.

    Finally, thank you also for unlocking my wife out of the master bathroom on our newly acquired house. Sincerely, DJ” – Doug Joe

    “We needed to sell our Bernal home-but we both lived in cities far away from SF. What are two busy, far-flung homeowners to do?  John LePage to the rescue!

    Working by phone and email he guided us through the steps to prepare and market our property, soothed our 1st time seller jitters, jumped in when neither one of us could make a decision or solve a problem, and generally became a trusted family member for the months it took to get our house on the market and sold.

    In person he was just as patient, good humored and hard working.

    John LePage knows his stuff and his reassuring manner and steady intelligence made the whole experience seem almost easy.

    I’d recommend John with enthusiasm.” – Ashley Wolff

    “John represented us when we sold our 1 bedroom condo in the Mission in July of 2015. We did extremely well from a financial perspective, and I attribute much of our success to following John’s advice. He was always thoughtful and thorough when responding to my many many questions. He is very organized and I always felt I could trust him. Aside from him being a sound advisor throughout the whole process, he went above and beyond what I would have expected from an agent.

    When we began the process to look for an agent in early April, we had recently moved to Toronto, and our unit was tenant occupied. As we were also looking to buy in Toronto, my agent here sought out the best of the best in San Francisco and thankfully referred us to John. From start to finish, we managed to avoid having to make the trip to San Francisco once. Without being able to be onsite, we were unable to take care of many responsibilities that would normally fall to a landlord/seller at this time. John coordinated a kitchen remodel, the staging/painting, cleaning, a fridge repair, and even took some trips to the hardware store. By the end of it, I’d imagine he and my tenants were friends.

    What more could a seller ask for in an agent than a kind, intelligent, experienced, responsible agent who goes above and beyond and in the end, manages to get you the best sale price possible? Look no further than John LePage.” Michael Nathanson

    “John is excellent!!! — I recommend him most highly. We have been looking for a new house now for five years and finally closed on our new house thanks to John. He engaged with us — admittedly picky buyers — to hone in on what was worth seeing. He would scout out houses for us and then recommend seeing the ones that fit. Initially we had a few heated conversations driven by our frustration with the compromises required in this market. John took our feedback graciously and kept refining our search as he got to know us better and better.

    Once we decided to bid on a house John was phenomenal. He is highly motivated and proactive, going above and beyond the ordinary in tracking down questions we had. He is highly communicative and had a great sense of compassion for us as we worked through the inevitable issues associated with buying property.

    So in summary you won’t find better than John. We had a great and successful experience with him” – Anthony Woolf

    “Three words to describe John. Simply the best!

    We bought our first home with John helping us every single step of the way. We’d heard horror stories about buying in San Francisco. Friends would tell us things like, “It’s so expensive” or “we keep getting outbid” or “we’ve been looking for two years and keep losing out to all cash offers, well over asking price.” On and on it went. It was intimidating and scary to hear so many unable to get into their dream home – or any home at all for that matter! Nonetheless, we were determined to find the right home and knew that a lot of it was contingent on finding the right Real Estate Agent.

    After 5 Realtors, I stumbled upon Zephyr Realty and instantly liked John. He sat down with me (and my newborn son), pulled out a map of the city and walked me through various neighborhoods. John explained the pros and cons of each. He gave me a great overview. He also listened carefully to what I wanted, namely a place large enough to have room for my mother to live with us should she choose, my husband to have room should he need to get away and my son to have room to run, play and grow. Lots of room. In the city. Beautiful. Oh, and keep it within budget. It was a pretty tall order.

    John didn’t flinch. Within 24 hours, not only did I have listings in my inbox, I also had asking and selling prices for homes close to what we were looking for. This was terrific. It gave us a very good idea about what to expect in the market. What impressed me most however was that John listened. He sent us listings that accommodated what we were looking for; size, budget, neighborhoods. Other Real Estate Agents I worked with sent over what they thought would work for us. John sent what we wanted. Many of which were below our budget. That’s integrity.

    Low and behold as we were flipping through the listings one evening, there she was. The house of our dreams. WOW, she was a stunner. We knew this needed to be our home. John set us up for a showing the following day. Unfortunately, although we could view the home, offers were already in. The competition was on!

    Within 5 minutes of being in the house, we were convinced that this needed to be our home. Game on! John called the listing Realtor and our Loan Officer right away. He was quick, he got the ball was rolling. Although, there were offers on the table, some higher than ours, John was tenacious. He worked on our behalf and persevered in working closely with our Lender. They were tigers.

    As I said, we’d never bought a house before so had no idea what to do. We had a million questions. John was patient and walked us through everything. He never faltered. Things were happening so fast. Yet, John took time to make sure we understood everything and gave us a head’s up about things we didn’t know to ask.

    John was truly a joy to work with. He proved that having the right Real Estate Agent is integral to getting into the house you want. We actually had fun learning about the buying process and going through the intensity of it. Low and behold, in less than 4 weeks after seeing our house, we moved in. Unbelievable.

    Thank you, John! We love, love, love our home.

    John LePage. Simply the Best.” – Carol Grunberg

    “John was a pleasure to work with and always on point.
    He took the time to listen to what we needed and coached us through our first property purchase in the USA in a very professional manner.
    He never pressured us or was tired of our endless questions or emails.
    He was honest in his approach and advised us without ever making us feel clueless.
    John was very responsive and easy to get a hold of (even after purchase when we had a lot of questions as first time buyers).
    He felt dedicated to getting us a home and made time through his busy schedule even at a very tight view-offer-escrow-close of 30 days. I will be happy to work with him again in the future.  Great work and a fine person :)” – Mirto Hamon

    “John LePage is a true  professional. As my listing agent John brought a level of professionalism of which I was thoroughly impressed and beyond completely satisfied with. My need to relocate to the East Coast was immediate and John was able to handle all necessary duties in my absence while keeping me completely informed, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. From packers, staging, shippers, paperwork and inspections, John had everything completely under control and most importantly me confident in the sales process.

    Upon my final trip back to San Francisco to deal the deal, John had every detail covered from cleaning, painting touch-ups and even all key, remotes, and other minute details covered ensuring a smooth and completely agreeable final inspection on the buyer’s end as well! John’s thoroughness even allowed me to enjoy my last two and a half days in San Francisco without a single worry.

    Hats off to John LePage!!!” – Scott Ruhl

    “My husband and I were going to remodel our house until the neighbors painted their house Pepto Bismol pink with teal accents and we realized our planed beautiful rooftop garden would be staring right at that.

    On a whim we took a day to look at a couple of open houses. We met several competent realtors – I’m sure they would have been fine to help us but several blew us off or didn’t take our inquiries seriously… Until we met John LePage.

    He listened to what we were looking for, why the house he was showing didn’t quite fit and then he offered to show us a few he thought might work for us and ‘Did we have a realtor.’

    We went from exploring but doubting to ‘Yes! We’re moving tomorrow!’ In one afternoon.

    John listened closely to what we needed, he came to our current house and noted what we loved and what we wanted improved, all before he presented the first houses for us to visit. He saved us from visiting the homes we’ve now termed the ‘blandification of San Francisco’ and presented homes with amazing personalities all within our budget range.

    Even without there being much on the market, John worked doggedly and within two weeks we had found the perfect house for us. He guided us through the application process and helped us get our bid in before a war started on our dream house and to our amazement… We got the house!!

    Before most of our friends knew we were considering moving we were the proud owners of a beautiful historic San Francisco home at a reasonable price.

    The next step was selling our current house. John walked us through the little

    tweaks and improvements and staging and boy did it all pay off!! We had a number we were dreaming of and John’s knowledge roped us 500K above that!!! We couldn’t believe the number of offers that poured in and we credit John for all of them. By the time we had finished we discovered we had traded our existing home for the same price as our new home and had gained 1,000 sq feet in a quieter neighborhood complete with all of the amenities we always dreamed of having.

    I can’t recommend John highly enough for his patience, competence and all around market knowledge. Wether you are buying or selling, do yourself a favor and hire the best, you won’t regret it!” – Lee & Rebecca Jakrel

    “John is a terrific real estate agent.  I’ve worked with him as a listing agent and a buying agent.  To be honest, at first I had second thoughts about listing with him.  He is so easygoing that I was concerned that he might not be able to get a good price.  I should not have worried.  He provided advice on all aspects of the sales process — from staging to pricing.  I listened to what he said, and we achieved top dollar, (and set the benchmark for the neighborhood).

    As a buying agent he was tireless.  You know how crazy the market is.  We looked at countless properties, and he was always able to track down the information I needed to make decisions.  I made offers on multiple properties, and each time he worked hard to get them accepted (when they weren’t it had nothing to do with John).  When I finally went into contract, there were several unexpected complications.  John worked through them all and we were able to close.

    Throughout the process, John was very easy to work with.  He was always available — even returning calls promptly when on vacation — dependable and honest.  I would highly recommend him as an agent.” – Marc Jablonski

    “John represented me in the purchase of my first ever home, and was a pleasure to work with.  He was diligent, extremely responsive (email responses within minutes whether late at night or early in the morning), took the time to understand my likes and dislikes, careful to not waste my time showing properties I was unlikely to care for, and very knowledgeable about the nuances of San Francisco neighborhoods.

    John knew my preferences well enough that he was confident that I would love the place I ended up buying, and was honest, thorough and helpful in negotiating the transaction for a hotly contested, brand new house.

    I recommend John without hesitation and would definitely work with him again!”Vineet Buch

    “John is fantastic- I’d give him 6 stars if possible!  

    John helped me purchase a condo in San Francisco in 2012 and it was truly as enjoyable of an experience as real estate transactions can be.  He was professional, attentive, diligent, knowledgeable, hard-working, and the list goes on.  John’s number one attribute in my opinion is that he is very honest….and that’s not always the case in real estate.  

    John was impressive from the beginning- he patiently helped me narrow down my priority list and focus on the things I really wanted in a property.  He guided me through the trenches of a hyper-competitive SF market with a calm, patient demeanor.  His tremendous knowledge of the market, latest trends, value, and price points were essential in closing my home- a short sale at a good price.  He also provided me quality referrals – from the escrow agent to the locksmith, everyone he suggested was of the highest quality.  

    I rave about John to everyone I know or meet who is contemplating real estate in SF, and plan to contact him for my next transaction whenever that may be.  He has my highest respect and endorsement!  You can’t go wrong with John LePage!” – Julianne Wojciak 

    “I just closed on the acquisition of a great home and worked exclusively with John LePage on the search & acquisition.

    John helped craft the offer with some aggressive seller leaseback provisions designed to show the seller we really wanted the home.  As a result, the seller chose to work with just us as opposed to the other 2 bidders (whose bids were higher).  John had great insight & advice on the neighborhood, and showed me a great number of properties.  He quickly got an understanding of what I was looking for and was very focused in the properties he presented to me fitting my criteria.  John was spot on in the amount we should offer.  He knows his market extremely well & it shows.

    John was extremely patient & calm even when others were not.  Some parties in the transaction were frequently very difficult & unreasonable, but John would stay calm & focused on the goal of getting me the home I wanted.  I told John he was a saint through it all & deserved a halo!

    I have purchased a number of properties including 3 very recently.  John’s performance really stands out.  On an earlier transaction a different realtor didn’t listen to me  and it was very frustrating.  It is so important to have someone like John who listens and keeps it focused on what I wanted and never wasted my time. John is a consummate professional.  I cannot imagine working with anyone else after this experience. “ – L. Gregory Scott, CPA

    “We just bought a property with John’s help. While this is our third house, buying a property is never easy. John made it work. He is really easy to work with, flexible, very diligent, and most of all, honest.

    This purchase was by far our most difficult because of unexpected financing complications as well as working with the short sale bank. John work tirelessly to make it happen. When we want to sell, we will go back to John”Yang J.

    “First off, I will like to say that John was the listing agent for the property I purchased. It is not usual for buyers to write listing agents a review, but if you read on, you will soon find out why I had to do it. My wife and I were first time home buyers in a crazy SF market. Usually listing agents we have dealt with were very aloof in this sellers market, not giving us the time of day. (We tend to tour open houses without our agent).John was the total opposite. He was really patient and understanding with our silly newbie questions. Even when we were in contract, he will come by to open the door for us, so that we could take measurements to make sure our furniture will fit. During the house inspection, he made sure to tell our inspector to go to the roof and ensure everything was okay. He also made sure that the inspector checked the state of the bathroom tiles, because he knew that another unit in the condo had issues with the piping. Wow, how often does the listing agent give recommendations to the buyer on what to look out for when buying? Finally, during the final walkthrough inspection, I noticed deep gouges in the brand new hardwood floor. This was probably done by the staging folks as they moved their furniture out of the unit. John volunteered without asking to take care of it and made sure we would not have to worry about it at all. I was completely floored by the level of his professionalism and service. If I were to sell or buy a property I would highly recommend him as an agent”.  – Tsu Chuang

    My boyfriend and I were moving across the country and looking to buy our first house together. John was recommended by a friend and for that we are eternally grateful. John introduced us to many neighborhoods across the city and helped us to narrow down the place that fit our needs and lifestyle. The process for finding our place took many cross-country trips and consisted of taking many weekends away from John. He was always willing to give us the extra time and to help us to weigh all of our options. This review is long overdue but I would recommend him to anyone who was looking to buy a house. We are very fortunate to have met John and very thankful to him for helping us find a home.” – Scott Effler

    “John did an amazing job helping me purchase a home in San Francisco in 2011.  I’ll be honest – I’m not the easiest buyer to work with – I had a long list of must haves and I was only open to a home in a couple very specific locations — but John saw me through the process. The reality is that San Francisco is a tough real estate market – most quality listings get multiple offers and it’s pretty scary when you’re bidding over asking to know if you’re doing the right thing. John did the

    research and actually counseled me a couple of times to bid lower than I was willing to go – he wanted to make sure I got a fair deal — he was not just interested in a sale at any price.  It’s a bummer when you get outbid and I got frustrated more than once but I’m glad I got a house that I love AND is a good investment. Bottom line, I will use him again in the future -that’s the best recommendation I could give.” – Greg Sugar

    “This is my fourth home in San Francisco, and by far John LePage is the finest

    most attentive professional person I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

    John is amazing, always on his phone and email, and honest and fun to work

    with!!!! How many people are professional enough you can trust handling your

    negotiation, yet you can have a celebratory glass of champagne with. Again thank

    you John for making the SF real estate market enjoyable and doable again. I

    would recommend your services to anyone!!!” – Alex F.

    “John LePage is one of the most effective real estate agents I’ve worked with during my 20 years of real estate investing. John recently helped me prepare, market and sell four TIC units in San Francisco. We were able to get top dollar for the units in a very challenging market. John is very thorough and extremely trustworthy – he always does what he says he will in a timely and professional manner. John gave excellent advice and was always available. I highly recommend John LePage for your real estate needs.” – Paul Holm, The Holm Group

    “We recently purchased a TIC with John LePage as our realtor.  Although we have purchased real estate in the past, this was our first purchase in San Francisco.  We were extremely fortunate to have John represent us and to help us navigate through the complexities of a TIC.  John is the ultimate professional.  No matter how many questions we had, he never made us feel that our questions were trivial.  He consistently replied to my e-mails and phone messages within minutes and anticipated any problems that had the potential to arise.  Unlike some realtors, we never felt pressured from John.  In fact, despite the enormous amount of time John spent on our behalf, he reassured us that our comfort with the purchase was more important than his sale. We appreciate John’s diligence and attention to detail.  We have total trust in him.” – Irene & Doug Joe

    “We worked with John LePage for over a year as he patiently listened to our needs and guided us through the complexities of the San Francisco real estate market.  John is exceedingly knowledgeable and helpful.  He was able to figure out our needs and find a variety of properties for us to tour and consider.  He was always accessible and gracious.  From start to finish he was the consummate professional.  When it came time to put in an offer, he helped negotiate a true bargain, assisted with arranging the financing, and made sure the closing was completed without a hitch.  We recommend with the highest regard.” – Dr. Tom Hyde & Paul Meyers

    “Dear John, I was talking with someone the other day and mentioned Zephyr Realty. Without any hesitation I told them to contact you if they are looking to buy a home. You helped me pick out places to start my search for a condo, information about the neighborhoods, things to look for (and avoid!) in a home and most importantly, made the suggestion to consider buying a duplex with a friend as a way to get more bang for my buck. All of your hard work with a smile got me where I am today, sharing a house with a good friend and some fun projects ahead of us. And you managed to do it all while remembering that magical word “affordable”! You took your fair share of time with us to answer questions, ask questions we hadn’t even thought of, and probably learning way too much about how to handle a pair of overly inquisitive home buyers with questions day and night. We can’t thank you enough for all your help from start until finish. You stuck around with us even after the closing when we had some more questions and pointed us in the right direction every time. You can be sure your name comes up often when we talk to friends who are considering making a home purchase. Any time someone needs a calm, informed and friendly hand, we’ll send them to John LePage!” – John & Jason

    “Having owned a home before in the Bay area, and searching for one in SF/Oakland for the last two years, I’ve worked with many real estate brokers and strongly feel most offer absolutely zero value for money and are simply out to make a fast buck at your expense.

    John stands out as a complete exception. He knew the market, and once we found a property, took time to appreciate our assessment and point of view, gave us realistic guidance, and then actively negotiated on our behalf from that vantage point to get us the best deal possible. He never tried to talk us out of our position, or simply go through the motions of putting an offer in without any legs…from the get-go, he was involved 100% and we truly felt he was on OUR side.

    During the close process also, he was extremely pro-active in recommending what we research and personally accompanied us in reviewing permits etc. And even after we closed and moved in, he remained fully committed to making sure we were satisfied and happy with our purchase. In addition, he was highly personable, warm, and focused on excellent service. At no point did we feel this was simply another transaction for him to get in and out of quickly.

    In short, money very well spent, and a pleasure having him on our side in this process. I’m already recommending him to those interested in looking for a place in SF.” – Ashish & Namrata Gupta