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If you’re thinking of selling, the first step would be for me to meet with you at your property. That will give me the opportunity to assess it and suggest the most economical ways for you to prepare the property for sale and have it show it’s absolute best. I’ll research the comparable properties and prepare a detailed comparative market analysis so that you have an understanding of what your home is worth. Other factors taken into account include location, market conditions and interest rates. We’ll also discuss pricing strategy and the best way to market your property so as to get the highest price possible. We’ll also go over all of the selling costs you are likely to incur so that there are no surprises later on. Costs that I will cover are for marketing and include professional photography, website creation, etc.

In preparing your property for sale I will be hands-on. Typical things sellers do include: refinishing hardwood floors, carpet cleaning, painting, general cleaning, gardening and staging. I’ll arrange multiple bids from quality professionals so that you can keep your costs down. I’ll also arrange property inspections (pest and contractors), if you choose to do them, which are great tools to have in advance. It’s always best to know of any issues in advance rather than finding out about them once you have an accepted offer and are in escrow. Busy with work and life and don't have time to manage any of this? Hand me the keys and let me handle all of it - think of me a s a concierge service managing all aspects of preparing your property for sale.

We’ll go over all of the required seller disclosures and listing agreement. From there I will prepare a complete disclosure package that buyers can review before presenting an offer.

Once the property is ready I will then launch a full on marketing campaign that includes: entering the property into the multiple listing service; launching the property specific website; ensuring that your listing is all over the internet and feeds to every possibly web site buyers may go to looking for listings; a special email blast will be sent to ALL San Francisco realtors; special property statements will be prepared to give to buyers and brokers at the open houses.

I will then make sure all interested parties are able to view the property though: multiple open houses and brokers tours; my Zephyr office tour and private appointments. I will give you ongoing feedback so you are kept up to date on how people are reacting and the level of interest. Based on the level of interest we will decide when and how to look at offers.

Once we have received offers (ideally multiple) it’s time to review them. In advance, I will touch base with each buyers loan agent to verify the financial strength of the borrower. Together we will decide on the best offer based on price and terms. In order to negotiate the best possible price, if needed we may decide to counter one, some or all of the offers before deciding on one.

Once we have an accepted offer we go into escrow. I will stay in constant touch with all of the parties involved (buyer, buyers realtor, buyers loan agent, appraiser, inspectors, etc.) to insure a seamless and timely escrow. I will be there to address any issues that arise along the way and get them resolved. Once escrow has successfully closed and the proceeds have been delivered to you I will hand over the keys to the new owner and you can move onto a new chapter!